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Secure your spot and get started today with our EXCLUSIVE offer!

Joshua Peromsik reviewed Life Skill Martial Arts
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Millbury Martial Arts kicks butt! They have a great group of people there, with an awesome school culture. It's a really fun place to learn martial arts at any level, and improve your skillz!

Abdo Abou Slaybi reviewed Life Skill Martial Arts
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Millbury martial arts has significantly impacted my life for more then 20 years. As a child I was shy and had low self esteem. Through the training at Millbury martial arts, I became a strong self confident person who is able to pursue my dream of a graduate degree.

Pamella Saffer reviewed Life Skill Martial Arts
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This school offers a wide range of martial arts for children and adults taught by instructors who are dedicated to their art and who are continually expanding their teaching methods and personal skill levels. They have a depth of knowledge and are open to sharing. The atmosphere is supportive and students are respectful and helpful of each other regardless of skill level or age. You compete only with yourself!

Jocelyn Gail Higgins reviewed Life Skill Martial Arts
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My four year old son is thoroughly embracing his training. He is eager to participate in class. I really enjoy that us parents are encouraged to get right on the floor with our kids as well.

Fred Basantes reviewed Life Skill Martial Arts
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I have been going to the school since 2009. Words can't describe the changes that I have seen in my self, not only physically but mentally. Thank you to everyone at life skill because it's just as much the people that go there that makes it great as it is the classes that are taught.

Gabriel Colbry reviewed Life Skill Martial Arts
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It has been said that the true science of martial arts means practicing them in such a way that they will be useful at anytime, and to teach them in a way that they will be useful in all things. I have found this at Life Skills Martial Arts. The life skills learned are invaluable in becoming a true martial artist not just another fighter who practices martial arts.

Tha Son reviewed Life Skill Martial Arts
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Words can't describe this school. The instructors are knowledgable in everything they do. Master Tabor makes you feel like you belong. Not to mention the instructors Mr. Keenan, Mr. Moy and Mr. Morin. I have learned so much in each class I trained in, kungfu, taiji and self defense. The school has so much pride and you can just tell from the atmosphere and how the school looks. The koi pond and the garden you can train in just makes you in awe and feel good about yourself! This is awesome place to train. My only disappointment is that I never found the school earlier. Real authentic Taiji, kung-fu and self-defense!!!!

Aisha Yousaf reviewed Life Skill Martial Arts
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Its been many years since i attended classes here. My experience i am happy to say, was life changing. I have learned so much more than self defense and discipline from this school. Being a part of this family gave me the strength to overcome many obstacles in life. The instructors have so much to offer and they give endless support. I made some amazing friends here too. Even though it has been such a long time since my last trip to the school, i find my thoughts always returning to it. It has been a very big part in my life. I am very grateful for my time, and am planning on coming back with my two children once they are old enough to take lessons!

Louis Garcia reviewed Life Skill Martial Arts
via Facebook

Our children started the program first back in July and my wife and I subsequently began taking classes in late August....what a positive impact it has had on our health and well-being! Our son and daughter are learning far more than a martial art rich in history and traditions... they are learning skills that they use each and every day. My wife and I have become healthier in mind, body, and spirit. The camaraderie with our fellow students is a bond that is as strong as community and those relationships transcend the studio.
The benefits in health and happiness alone are worth giving Life Skills Martial Arts a try.

Amanda Desai reviewed Life Skill Martial Arts
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Our 4 year old has been attending for 9 months now and he has a blast! What we love the most is the positive atmosphere. There is not a competition with anyone but yourself. Parents cheer on each other’s children and the students of the class encourage and support one another. It is a beautiful thing and we are so happy our son is a part of it! The instructors are very supportive and the life skills that they teach are fantastic. Our son has gained more confidence and has so much fun. We are very happy we chose Life Skills Martial Arts for our son and highly recommend it!

Richard Moberg reviewed Life Skill Martial Arts
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Going to Life Skills Martial Arts will always be one of the best decisions i ever made. It has helped me to not only learn how to defend myself and my family if it came down to that but it has helped me to go way outside my comfort level to do things i never thought in a million years i would do. I have severe social anxiety and usually never liked being in large groups, being a leader, or even not taking my self seriously when i screwed something up. But when i go to class, i feel like i am with family and i can do all those things without any anxiety. well maybe a little :).

Karen St.Laurent reviewed Life Skill Martial Arts
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One of the best decisions for my son was to sign him up here. He's become healthier, gained more confidence, learned respect and self esteem. This was originally a Christmas present and now my 10 year old says he's "committed to becoming a black belt" and would like this again for Christmas instead of a bunch of"stuff". After a year (actually within a month), I realized the monthly cost isn't just for kung fu training. It's truly training him"life skills" that he can use in every aspect of life for a lifetime and that is priceless.

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Our latest news & thoughts

How To Teach Our Children Respect?


As parents, we are responsible for teaching our kids how to treat others the way we want to be treated. When we begin this lesson we teach kids respect for others. Studies show that children as young as 2-3 years old are able to empathize with others. Kids can pick up on the fact that others have emotions & experiences different from their own and their natural inclination is to want to help soothe other’s feelings of fear, sadness or pain.

Modeling respect creates a safe space for our children within our own homes. When our kids feel that they are respected by us as parents, they feel safe to share their feelings, fears and failures. This doesn’t mean we’ll never have arguments. We just do so in a safe environment and they’ll be more inclined to open up because they know that their parents’ feelings are secure.

Before we can teach our children respect, we got to examine our own level of respect for ourselves and others.

Am I:
Quick to criticize others?
Quick to become angry?
Quick to yell infant of our kids?

We need to look at our own patterns of behaviors

Respecting ourselves means doing things that are good for us.

1. We can respect ourselves by:

2. Taking care of our bodies both mentally and physically

3. Educating ourselves

4. Learning from others who can help us improve our lives

5. Communicating with ourselves positively

6. Making the right choices,

7. Caring for our things

8. Caring for how we look.


When we treat ourselves with respect,other people will see that they must treat us with respect also. How can we build our self respect? One of the best ways to enhance our self-respect? Life Skill Martial Arts! Martial arts training keeps our body in good shape. This shows respect for our bodies.

How does a person with self-respect look?

He or she always:

• Keeps good eye contact.

• Uses the right gestures and facial expressions.

• Is structured and well organized.

• They are neat, clean, and wear clothes that match and are pressed.

We can also show respect for ourselves by making the right choices. Making a decision just to please others, like other people, is the worst choice for us. Peer pressure is the number one cause of self destruction.

Practicing self respect allows us to say no to:

• Drugs

• Alcohol (Sorry)

• Cigarettes, or

• Any chemical that will harm us.


Exercising self respect allows us to avoid those environments that may hurt our personal growth. Some example of things we can do to increase our self respect:

Make friends with people who never quit.

Make friends with people that have positive attitudes.

Make friends with people who don’t complain.

Another way to show respect for ourselves is how we take care of ourselves.

Caring for ourselves means we must do the following things:

• Eat healthy and maintain an appropriate weight

• Exercise. Martial Arts is great for that I heard … somewhere! 🙂

• Pay attention to personal hygiene by brushing our teeth, cleaning and trimming our nails, and doing what is necessary to smell good.

• Take care of our personal appearance by dressing appropriately and keeping our hair neatly combed.

• Read and educate ourselves to increase our knowledge. By increasing our education, we will also earn the respect of others.

Respect is taught by setting the example of being respectful. The best leader is one who not only knows about respect, but also teaches others by being a role model. To teach our children how to greet others, we must be the first to set the example.

At Life Skill, the instructors and senior ranked students are the first to greet others and set the example for the lower ranks.

As parents, just like leaders, we go first.
Then our children will follow in our footsteps.

If this message was useful, please share with someone you think will enjoy and benefit from it.