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Our physical doors might be shut - but our DIGITAL DOORS are OPEN! Secure your spot & get started today with our FREE EXCLUSIVE online offer!

By opting into the web form above you are providing consent for Life Skill Martial Arts to send you periodic text messages. Standard rates may apply. You can reply HELP at anytime or learn more. You may opt-out anytime by replying STOP.
Joshua Peromsik reviewed Life Skill Martial Arts
via Facebook

Millbury Martial Arts kicks butt! They have a great group of people there, with an awesome school culture. It's a really fun place to learn martial arts at any level, and improve your skillz!

Abdo Abou Slaybi reviewed Life Skill Martial Arts
via Facebook

Millbury martial arts has significantly impacted my life for more then 20 years. As a child I was shy and had low self esteem. Through the training at Millbury martial arts, I became a strong self confident person who is able to pursue my dream of a graduate degree.

Pamella Saffer reviewed Life Skill Martial Arts
via Facebook

This school offers a wide range of martial arts for children and adults taught by instructors who are dedicated to their art and who are continually expanding their teaching methods and personal skill levels. They have a depth of knowledge and are open to sharing. The atmosphere is supportive and students are respectful and helpful of each other regardless of skill level or age. You compete only with yourself!

Jocelyn Gail Higgins reviewed Life Skill Martial Arts
via Facebook

My four year old son is thoroughly embracing his training. He is eager to participate in class. I really enjoy that us parents are encouraged to get right on the floor with our kids as well.

Fred Basantes reviewed Life Skill Martial Arts
via Facebook

I have been going to the school since 2009. Words can't describe the changes that I have seen in my self, not only physically but mentally. Thank you to everyone at life skill because it's just as much the people that go there that makes it great as it is the classes that are taught.

Gabriel Colbry reviewed Life Skill Martial Arts
via Facebook

It has been said that the true science of martial arts means practicing them in such a way that they will be useful at anytime, and to teach them in a way that they will be useful in all things. I have found this at Life Skills Martial Arts. The life skills learned are invaluable in becoming a true martial artist not just another fighter who practices martial arts.

Tha Son reviewed Life Skill Martial Arts
via Facebook

Words can't describe this school. The instructors are knowledgable in everything they do. Master Tabor makes you feel like you belong. Not to mention the instructors Mr. Keenan, Mr. Moy and Mr. Morin. I have learned so much in each class I trained in, kungfu, taiji and self defense. The school has so much pride and you can just tell from the atmosphere and how the school looks. The koi pond and the garden you can train in just makes you in awe and feel good about yourself! This is awesome place to train. My only disappointment is that I never found the school earlier. Real authentic Taiji, kung-fu and self-defense!!!!

Aisha Yousaf reviewed Life Skill Martial Arts
via Facebook

Its been many years since i attended classes here. My experience i am happy to say, was life changing. I have learned so much more than self defense and discipline from this school. Being a part of this family gave me the strength to overcome many obstacles in life. The instructors have so much to offer and they give endless support. I made some amazing friends here too. Even though it has been such a long time since my last trip to the school, i find my thoughts always returning to it. It has been a very big part in my life. I am very grateful for my time, and am planning on coming back with my two children once they are old enough to take lessons!

Louis Garcia reviewed Life Skill Martial Arts
via Facebook

Our children started the program first back in July and my wife and I subsequently began taking classes in late August....what a positive impact it has had on our health and well-being! Our son and daughter are learning far more than a martial art rich in history and traditions... they are learning skills that they use each and every day. My wife and I have become healthier in mind, body, and spirit. The camaraderie with our fellow students is a bond that is as strong as community and those relationships transcend the studio.
The benefits in health and happiness alone are worth giving Life Skills Martial Arts a try.

Amanda Desai reviewed Life Skill Martial Arts
via Facebook

Our 4 year old has been attending for 9 months now and he has a blast! What we love the most is the positive atmosphere. There is not a competition with anyone but yourself. Parents cheer on each other’s children and the students of the class encourage and support one another. It is a beautiful thing and we are so happy our son is a part of it! The instructors are very supportive and the life skills that they teach are fantastic. Our son has gained more confidence and has so much fun. We are very happy we chose Life Skills Martial Arts for our son and highly recommend it!

Richard Moberg reviewed Life Skill Martial Arts
via Facebook

Going to Life Skills Martial Arts will always be one of the best decisions i ever made. It has helped me to not only learn how to defend myself and my family if it came down to that but it has helped me to go way outside my comfort level to do things i never thought in a million years i would do. I have severe social anxiety and usually never liked being in large groups, being a leader, or even not taking my self seriously when i screwed something up. But when i go to class, i feel like i am with family and i can do all those things without any anxiety. well maybe a little :).

Karen St.Laurent reviewed Life Skill Martial Arts
via Facebook

One of the best decisions for my son was to sign him up here. He's become healthier, gained more confidence, learned respect and self esteem. This was originally a Christmas present and now my 10 year old says he's "committed to becoming a black belt" and would like this again for Christmas instead of a bunch of"stuff". After a year (actually within a month), I realized the monthly cost isn't just for kung fu training. It's truly training him"life skills" that he can use in every aspect of life for a lifetime and that is priceless.

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Our latest news & thoughts

Why Kids Whine?

Why Kids Whine?

Why Do Kids Whine? Because… It WORKS! Kids are smart!

They recognize patterns and only continue ones that work for them.

Children Whine = Parents Give-in.

All children recognize whining gets them the attention that they crave.
Could even equal
brownies for breakfast,
a candy bar in the checkout line,
or a video game, or
not going to bed on time,
A new puppy?…
1 more tv show…
1 more scoop of ice cream…
Whatever their labor focus is pinpointed on at that point in time.

Any response at all, even if it’s to reprimand them, gives them the payoff.

Stop whining… Behave! Be quiet (or worse)!
Picking them up… Coddling them?
All of these responses equal giving them attention and now they have a solid habit and success strategy to do this again and again to get results.

What is the best action we as parents, teachers, or mentors can take?

Most kids possess the skills to argue with your best decision. You try everything. And you are not alone. Around the globe, parents and teachers fall victim to children whining daily.

So Why Do Our Kids Whine?

Because, kids negotiate to secure a chunk of your time and attention, by whining.
All humans are wired with 2 essential emotional needs:
1 Connection
2. Significance

Kids don’t whine to irritate us
They just whine to get our attention.

You’ve tried everything from time-outs to earplugs, but the whining won’t end. Don’t worry—you’re not alone. Parents worldwide fall victim to their child’s whining daily, but this doesn’t mean you can’t stop it.

By learning why your kids whine, you can discover how to put an end to it for good.

Why Do Kids Whine?

Because it works! (For your kids, that is.)

When your kids whine and negotiate, they secure a big chunk of your attention.

Positive Parenting is based on Adlerian Psychology which asserts all humans are hard-wired with two basic emotional needs – belonging and significance. One of the crucial ways parents can meet a child’s need for belonging is to give kids sufficient amounts of attention.

Kids don’t whine to intentionally irritate us—they whine to get our attention.

Parents are Earth’s busiest creatures and when kids aren’t getting as much positive attention as they need, they’ll seek it in negative ways.

While they prefer our positive attention, negative attention (corrections, reprimands, etc.) will suffice because it still provides a deposit of attention in their buckets.

So cue up the whining and badgering and negotiating and complaining to get your attention—over and over again—because it’s the next best thing to getting the positive attention they really want.

The truth is, children only continue behaviors that work for them.

When kids whine and parents give in, kids realize that whining gets them what they want—the attention they crave and maybe even that candy bar in the grocery checkout line.

How Can You Make the Whining Stop?

Now that we know why kids whine, we can learn how to make it stop. Parenting expert Amy McCready says there are 3 steps we can use to curb whining:

1. Make it NOT work

Remember the main reason why your kids whine? It works! By removing the payoff—attention and maybe the reward of getting what they’re whining for—you’ll cut back dramatically on this annoying misbehavior.

First, stop giving in to the whining. Whether you’re in the grocery store or at the dinner table, say “no,” and stick to it. If a tantrum happens, calmly let it happen in a safe place (like the car)—and your child will soon learn that whining, and even a tantrum, won’t get him what he wants.

2. Pay No (Negative) Attention

By refusing to give attention to the whining, you’ll remove a big part of the payoff. Here’s a simple 3-step training process to make it work:

Step 1: Set the expectation

In a calm moment, tell your kids:

“You’re growing up so much! You’re big enough now to ask for what you’d like in a normal voice without whining AND be okay if you don’t get it. If you ask me something in a whiny voice, I will put my hands over my ears which will be a gentle reminder to use your regular voice.  Then, you can try again with your normal voice and I’ll be happy to talk about anything that’s on your mind.”

NOTE: You may have to do some role-playing about the difference between a normal voice and a whiny voice.

Step 2: Reveal how you will respond

“If you continue to use your whiny voice, I will not respond.  Instead, I’ll just go about my business until you want to talk in your normal voice and then I’ll be happy to listen.”

Step 3: Confirm understanding

“Just so we’re on the same page and we don’t have any surprises, can you repeat back to me how we’ll talk to each other and what I will do if you decide to use your whiny voice?”

Okay, you’ve laid the groundwork. But, once you’ve made this bed, my friend, you MUST lie in it (don’t worry, it’ll be really relaxing before you know it).

Follow through EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. your children start to whine. Stay calm and walk away – even a negative non-verbal reaction to whining can be a payoff. When your child uses her normal voice, be sure to respond RIGHT AWAY, calmly and pleasantly.

3. Provide Proactive POSITIVE Attention.

For these steps to work, you must also provide plenty of positive attention to meet your child’s need for emotional connection.

Each parent should shoot for 10 minutes of quality time every day with each child. You can play their favorite card game, shoot hoops in the driveway or whatever they love to do!  During the special one-on-one time, Ignore the email notification. Don’t respond to the text. Hold off on the dinner prep.

When you fill your child’s attention basket positively and proactively, your kids will become more cooperative and less likely to resort to whining as a way to gain your attention.

Life is busy for everyone, and finding extra time in the day may be daunting at first, but think of this as an investment in your relationship with your children and in improving their behavior.


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